Proud plugs for us!

Hey all! As always, things are a buzz in our lives and I figured an update was/is long overdue:

Terna is juggling with grace, grad school work, finals, consulting and planning the annual LGBTQ Muslim Retreat.

After a transitional Winter, move to a new apartment and unlearning muscle memory, I am hopeful for Spring. I’ve been blessed with the abundance of organizations and allies in NYC to represent Coming Out Muslim on a number of (nearly) weekly speaking opportunities. I am proud to share an interview I did with Matt Pana ( for a LikeWise Podcast Episode #31:

And excitedly, I am honored to be included in the 2014 edition of the New York City Pride Guide as part of their Next Generation of Stonewall – a feature of amazing group of individuals all born after Stonewall that are forging a new path for the movement. (page 57ish)

LAVERNE COX IS ON THAT LIST! #swoon #Ijustdied


In the coming weeks you can expect way more posts from me – including new writing, my keynote from the University of Minnesota Women of Color Student Conference and inshallah, Terna’s keynote coming up in June from World Pride in Toronto.

Mark Your Calendars: we will be back in the East Village for the show as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival on July 8 and July 9th at 9pm! Tixx coming soon.


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