Ramadan Reflections 2013 (day 12): Peace

Greetings beloveds,

Peace to your hearts! What an amazing experience I’ve been having at the Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop here in PA. JSJ is kind of like acupuncture without needles, but beyond technique it is a beautiful physio-philosophy which only deepens my appreciation for/of Allah’s creation. What creatures we are, human beings. We are not human doings, human strivings, human tryings, we are human BEINGS. Have you taken time to connect with/remember your BEINGNESS today? What have you discovered in the center of your being, in your heart?

I invite you to be inwardly still for a few minutes today and really notice what is inside you. There is hadith which says “to know yourself is to know your Lord”. May you remember this anew today.

I’ve been feeling a deep sense of peace for some months now, and each day I find it still present calls up some tears. It feels like a tremendous gift. I am clear that it is Allah’s grace and generosity, not my own acts, present in my heart, inshallah. I’ve noticed that it seems very much intertwined with resting in a sense of clarity about my purpose. What brings you a deep sense of peace?

ps. I went to the local masjid in the town I’m in for Taraweeh prayers tonight. The beautiful energy in this Ramadan pulled me from my hotel room. Whatever trepidation I feel about unknown masjids, once I get there and we are standing in prayer, all that falls away for a while and it is simply beautiful to be in praise with other beings. Alhamdulillah. #grateful (my first hashtag ever!!! are they supposed to lead somewhere on twitter? I have no idea…)

Try this at home!

Curious about JSJ? Give this a try to experience it for yourself: simply hold your fingers for a couple of minutes each. No need to squeeze tightly, just gently hold them when your hands are free–on public transit, watching something, or as a complement/aid to the stillness you’ll rest in a few minutes today: )

With love.



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