Ramadan Reflections 2013: The Night of Power


BEHOLD, from on high have We bestowed this [divine writ] on Night of Destiny.

And what could make thee conceive what it is, that Night of Destiny?
The Night of Destiny is better than a thousand months:
in hosts descend in it the angels, bearing divine inspiration by their Sustainer’s leave; from all [evil] that may happen
does it make secure, until the rise of
(Sura Al-Qadr, Asad translation)

Greetings beloveds,

What a night it is! Some describe the Night of Power as equal to a thousand months of prayer–over 90 years worth of prayer. It offers absolution for all that has come before. Some folks celebrated the Night of Power on Saturday, some on Sunday. As each Ramadan has its own flavor so too each Night of Power with that. Where previous years have been marked by the invitation to exceed myself, to show up despite the whisper of fatigue that tells me to stay home, this year is different. I felt the tenderness of the heavens on Saturday night.
O Allah, help is to remember You in all things, to see guidance and clarity in you and through you alone! Amin.

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