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Ramadan reflections 2013 (day 5): Bring your whole selves

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Greetings family,

Ramadan Mubarak! Waz and I returned to the East Coast on Thursday after a wonderful trip to the Bay Area. Thank you to all the beautiful folks who made it out to our performances, who brought friends with them, who sent us light. Inshallah that was just our first trip west.

As we did last year, we’ll be posting Ramadan Reflections each of the coming days of Ramadan. Waz and I will alternate. Please check in with us. We hope you find something that resonates with you as we go along.

If you’ve seen COM, you know that Ramadan is my favorite time of the year: ) I love the sense of community, the generosity and encouragement to move more slowly, to remember Allah with fewer distractions. I find that because I physically don’t have the energy to move at my usual speed, it forces me to be more deliberate about what I do, what I think about, what I focus on. It is also interesting to notice how much more time there seems to be in the day when I’m not thinking about eating, preparing to eat, finding something to eat, cleaning up, etc. It’s actually quite amazing how much time opens up. Before leaving the Bay on Wednesday night, I had the great pleasure of attending an iftar hosted by our beautiful queer and trans Muslim family there. They’ve been gathering for iftars for about 3 years now. About 20 or so people came, bringing with them such light and love. I could feel myself twinkling in their presence. The gathering reminded me of the magic that is in community, when folks feel welcome and safe, especially in Ramadan. Tonight, inshallah, we are hosting our first iftar this year. I have swept and dusted and scrubbed with love. As it is an honor to run to praise Allah, it is an honor to run to serve community, to hold space for a group of people to bring their whole selves, safely to break fast and, inshallah, twinkle in the mystical magic of this sacred time. Wherever you are, if you are able, gather with you community–the place you feel safe and whole–as often as possible.


This line from Waz runs through my mind:

The azaan asks us home
to every meal we have missed
Or thought we would never taste again
bring your entire self

Inshallah may this month bring us closer to Allah. May it be a time of mending–for our hearts, for any relationships in need of healing. May it be a time when we are freed from any illusions we’ve been living in. May we be truly burnished in Reality. Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah! Amin.


Ramadan Reflections 2013: Grace Period

Salaam all,

TTG, Al-Sarah, Laura Marie and I have been in a whirlwind of experience the last week or so. We all safely arrived, trickling in from all ends of the country, and have been sharing Coming Out Muslim with all who we encounter – both through the show and the living/breathing of the conversation.

It’s been stressful, I’ll tell you that. Shlepping, figuring out transport, maneuvering the spaces in which we are performing, and personally, it’s an emotionally overwhelming time for me (more to be shared later this month, I’m certain). In the midst of all this, I am realizing Ramadan is coming!

I am almost certain that God is bringing me to another Ramadan so that I may do exactly as this blog says, reflect. I am excited and nervous too with anticipation of what is ahead, but I cannot foresee them now. I must trust in what is intended.

And so, to our Muslim brothers and sisters who have begun their Ramadan, I/we wish you a mubarak start to y/our month.
For Muslims, like myself, who have not started, for those of us in this in-between 24 hours, take this grace period to prepare yourselves and your intentions for what is ahead of us.

I leave you with my first meditation for the beginning of Ramadan (also words of advice from Terna): SLOW DOWN.

… which I certainly will after tonight’s show 🙂

xoxo Waz