We’re moving in!

As 2012 is wrapping up, TTG and I, along with our lovely queer Muslim ally and producer LoMo are reflecting on an amazing year filled with blessings and community. As we prepare for 2013, TTG has started us off well with moving us to Word Press (yay!) AND most excitingly, comingoutmuslim.com will bring you directly here (double yay!).

To make this our official home, I’ll be moving our blog posts from (comingoutmuslim.squarespace.com) over to Word Press. The Ramadan 2012 blog posts will be chunked, although, I haven’t figured out how best to do it yet so that it’s easily accessible/readable.

As we begin to move in and settle ourselves into a routine of blogging, sharing writing, experiences and of course give updates about the show and all things Coming Out Muslim, please send us ideas, suggestions, feedback and input! You can email us at comingoutmuslim@gmail.com or comment on the site!

For now, I will leave y’all with this post and transfer stuff to and from our other site in between painting a bedroom in our apartment blue!


xo W

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